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A Little Four Page Bill Cure-All
by Steven D
Wed Mar 10th, 2010 at 05:32:25 PM EST

It’s a bill introduced by Rep. Alan Grayson to allow any American to buy in to Medicare buy at cost. I know I’m dreaming, but wouldn’t it be nice to see it passed?

Please, if you can, tell me what’s wrong with a bill that would increase competition, increase health care coverage and is not mandatory? No one would have to get rid of their old insurance coverage if that’s what they preferred, but neither would anyone be forced to stay at a bad job to keep their health insurance, or pay ridiculous rate hikes every year, or risk losing their insurance coverage if they lost their job, or have their claims for treatment denied at the whim of an insurance company executive. Aren’t we a nation that believes in the market? Well why don’t we let the market work? In my neck of the woods (lot’s of woods actually) we have basically two health care providers. The rates they charge are effectively the same. You can pay a lot for really crappy coverage or you can pay a lot more for somewhat better coverage.

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