No, you are NOT going to hear a litany of what “real” Christians do, from me, at any rate, because although I believe myself to be a Christian in the truest sense, I have to tell you, the most emotional abuse, physical pain and turmoil have come from those professing to be “Christians”.

As I read the newspaper accounts, I find a “Christian Baptist” group down in earthquake ravaged Haiti, going down there to “rescue” some Haitian children and do their “Christian” duty by kidnapping them and routing them through the Dominican Republic, with the purpose of hauling those children to the United States the same way our ancestors were captured and hauled over here back in the 17th Century.

Get Real.  I call it like I see it.  When I read that blog post, my immediate thought was “slave labor”.  What the hell were they going to do with those children in places like Idaho or Montana, where the African-American population is less than 1% statewide?

Okay, so this post is going to cover a little bit of everything I’ve seen coming from so-called “Christians”, and all their antics does is to make things WORSE for those who are truly trying to live their lives by the principles Jesus Christ Himself lived by.

What is “Christian” about having sex with children?

What is “Christian” about child sex slaves?”

What is “Christian” about legislating what consenting adults do in their private lives? (For those of you slow on the uptake, I’m referring to gays being able to marry.  I don’t really care if that’s what they want to do, because the hetrosexuals aren’t doing such a fabulous job of being married – not with the divorce rate averaging at 50%)

What is “Christian” about being a BIGOT/RACIST?  Oh, forget about what someone interpreted that the curse put upon Noah’s son, Ham, was the beginning of Black People.  For those of us who have read the Bible, Ham was cursed because he dissed Noah when he walked into Noah’s room and Noah was drunk, passed out and naked.  Instead of covering up his father’s nakedness, he made fun of his father by telling his other brothers “Come look at Dad naked and passed out”.

What is “Christian” about charitable organizations raking in millions of dollars, ostensibly for the needy and the poor during natural disasters, and instead of giving up the cash and providing REAL assistance, you hand them blankets, water and tell them to “go and be well”?

What is “Christian” about yelling at the President of the United States during a speech and calling him a liar?

What is “Christian” about  a house that sits on C Street here in DC, and while they provide housing for the “Christian” members of Congress, they are also engaging in warfare, subterfuge, and financing campaigns to unseat people they don’t like?

What is “Christian” about taking a man’s (former DNC Chair Howard Dean) strategy, using it to win the Presidency, and instead of surrounding yourself with him and others who seems to know what the hell they’re doing, you surround yourself with crooks who looted the Treasury to bail out his buddies on Wall Street (Geithner) and you give the responsibility of overseeing the Public Education in this country to your hoop buddy (Arne Duncan), a rat bastard who never set foot in a classroom as an Educator, but brags that Hurricane Katrina was good for New Orleans?

Don’t get me started on Rush Limbaugh, Bill “Loofah Sex” O’Reilly, Orly Taitz, Glen Beck or Sean Hannity, either.  We KNOW they are so Christian, if Jesus were to return today, they would shoot Him for messing up their plan to take over America, enslave people of color and return to the “good ol’ days” of Jim Crow segregation, even though it’s been long suspected that Limbaugh takes frequent vacations to the Dominican for sex romps with underage children.

What is “Christian” about a terrorist who is also an alleged child-rapist? (Ew, I just threw up in my mouth a little as I typed those words.)

Is the Christian thing to do is commit all sorts of atrocities in Jesus’ name?  Or to commit the acts and try to get Jesus to co-sign on them as you try to skate out of the justice system, or justify hateful, inconsiderate, selfish, immoral acts agains fellow human beings?

Mahatma Gandhi is reported to have said, “I like your Christ.  It is your CHRISTIANS I have trouble with…”

Me, too, Prime Minister.  Me, too.

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