SNL got no monopoly on the funny. Recently JJP co-founder Baratunde Thurston AKA Jack Turner and JJP friend Elon James White did a comedy show with some other funny brothers here in San Francisco last weekend. This video was played during the show and had the audience just bustin’ up.

It’s a sendup of standard media portrayals of black men under the age of 40. Or maybe under 70. It starts out with a group of roomies just greeting a sunny Saturday morning. Off to the local jazz festival? Or will it be ultimate frisbee? Or perhaps the farmer’s market…

No instead the quartet decides to “just be Black Guys for the day.” Hi-jinks such as petty thieving, craps, random gun play and ruining white people’s picnics & moviegoing experiences just for the fun of it ensue. It’s worth watching twice — it’s clever, fast-moving and if you’re like me — you might miss a few smart punches at stereotypes disguised as jokes the first go-round.

Brought to you by comedians Kevin Avery, W. Kamau Bell, Greg Edwards and Reggie Steele. Enjoy.

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