U.S. Census Bureau is Now Hiring:

Census Taker, Crew Chief, Assistant Crew Chief, Recruiter, Census Clerk

Good Pay: $11.50-$18.25

Flexible Schedule

Weekly Pay

18-yrs or older, No Experience Required

CALL 1-866-861.2010

VISIT: www.2010censusjobs.gov

Look — each census, minorities tend to be under-counted. This means that we get the short stick when it comes to government spending in our communities on things like education, roads, bridges, etc. Ok it’s not the only reason for neglect in our communities to be sure — but it doesn’t help none neither naw mean?

There are those who are already seeking to spread fear about the census. Taken from MediaMatters’s News Corp.’s Race Problem report:

Glenn Beck: “[a] modern-day slave state [is] being constructed out of ACORN, SEIU, and federal student loan, census, and service initiatives.”

Bill “Racist” O’Reilly: “Discussing Senate negotiations on a bipartisan immigration bill, O’Reilly asserted on his Fox News show that the bill ‘drastically alters the United States of America,’ adding that ‘there will be unintended consequences all over the place. The new census report says America’s now one-third minority.’ He continued, “‘And in four states — California, New Mexico, Texas, and Hawaii — whites are the minority.'”

And Michele Bachmann has publicly stated that she will refuse to answer Census questions.

Make sure we get counted. African-Americans are experiencing record unemployment right now. You know that you, your brother, or your cousin needs a job. Well, the census got em. Please pass the word around. Do it not only to help out-of-work friends and family. Do it also because African-Americans and other minorities deserve to be counted just as much as any other citizen here in the land of the free…home of the brave.

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