(Originally posted via iPhone; now edited for your enjoyment; and yes, Bryant Terry’s food is delicious, fresh & healthy)

I’m here at Cavallo Point Lodge on a Sat afternoon near my home in Sausalito CA taking a cooking lesson from the famed pioneering chef Bryant Terry. His new book is called Vegan Soul Kitchen, although he prefers to describe his cuisine as animal free Afro-Asian. Bonus – each recipe comes with a recommended song – including Jay-Z, Erykah Badu & the Sanford & Son Theme(!).

The idea is to go beyond the concept of black-influenced food as being defined only as comfort fatty and/or sweet food or antebellum survival scrap food. Terry hearkens back to the time when black folks grew food in their own backyards. My cousins Romus & Geraldine used to grow greens and watermelon in their suburban DC home in Prince George’s County. And I remember my grandfather’s tomatoes from his tiny yard in Baltimore so well. My parents thought it was a little country, growing your own food, but now we’re back to the future. Urban agriculture is now cutting-edge.

Terry’s amazing, smart, a great speaker & super-nice. And he’s not just a chef – he’s also a food desert/food justice activist – kinda like the First Lady. Note to Michelle Obama – you need to let this brother loose in the White House organic garden for real!

I’m on Team Gumbo Z’herbs. traditionally eaten during Lent – everything smells amazing. I can’t wait to dig in! Photos below include some of my fellow Team Gumbo members, some beans, shallots & onions for the Texas Caviar and Bryant Terry himself.

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