In Elon James White’s new TWiB — a brutha takes a 30,000 foot perspective on blackness. He lays out a series of 13 truths by, for, about black folk. It’s almost some kinda manifesto…a bit of humor with a heaping side of philosophy. Here are a few of my favorite truths…

  • There’s no such thing as “Good Hair.”
  • Racism isn’t over. When someone of color says this, they aren’t complaining. They’re observant.
  • Black people don’t have to live up to a definition of #blackness. “We” define it w/ everything we do.
  • Intelligence does not equal lack of black authenticity. (Jill — Attention: Chris Matthews)
  • There’s no better “SHADE” of Black. Light, Dark, Medium. We’re all STILL black. (Jill — Attention: Harry Reid)
  • “Black” and “Ghetto” are not interchangeable. One describes a people. One describes a class.
  • No one can speak for black people. People speak ABOUT blacks; for “groups of blacks”, but not “FOR BLACKS.”

And my number one favorite:

Obama didn’t come to save Blacks. He came from years of Black Struggle. He’s a product, not the solution.

Peep it…then add your reactions and your own take on the Black Truths in the comments. What did Elon get right and what did he leave out?

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