Um, I hate to say it, but this is actually really well-done. Strikes all the right notes. Because it’s true: the Republican party historically was the liberal, black-people loving, slave freeing party. Until it all went so terribly wrong. My own grandfather was a proud Republican who finally switched parties in the 1960s after having heard enough race-baiting for a lifetime. Steele’s Black History Month message is not really as tone-deaf like you’d think it would be coming from the GOP — and is a prime example of the power of diversity in action.

I am hoping the Prez can counter with an even better Black History month greeting for us soon. Maybe with the First Lady and the girls. This would be a great time to hear from Marian Robinson, mother of the First Lady — what an incredible view of history she must have at this point.

After all, we are living through Black History right now, every day Barack Obama is our brother President. Whenever he clears his throat, puts on some chapstick or blows his nose, it’s historic. Next year, Prez — don’t let Steele get the jump on ya!

Anyway, here it is, first released Feb 1 — Your Republican Black History Month Message:

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