You and I both know that Fox News hates black people. As evidence, I give you the video above — Brave New Films’ Fox Attacks Black America and also offer you Media Matters’ research piece “News Corp.’s Race Problem” as places to start.

They hit Barack Obama on a daily basis with crazy mis-information about his initiatives. The attacks on Black America continue, even post-election. I watch Glenn Beck everyday and every show is stacked with half-truths and insinuations. Adding Sarah Palin to Fox’s roster of commentators is just the latest salvo in this arms race.

We’re out-gunned — Fox News is one of the top cable news outlets in America. Does this bother you?

We must continue to fight back against Fox’s hate. From the DCCC:

Fact Check Fox

Don’t let the Republican hecklers at Fox News spin President Obama’s agenda. If you see Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity or any other right-wing pundit or Member of Congress twisting the truth, we need you to send it along so we can set them straight.

Sign up online or text DCCC to 35328 (ELECT)

And tell your friends! When you hear something crazy, don’t just say something. Be about something.

Thanks, Jill

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