Naw, Really, son, you really, really need to drink your cups of STFU and sit yo’ ass down, ’cause your slip is SHOWING.

Every time I hear you on the radio or on TV, you are continuing to fight a fight that does nothing for the Black People you claim to love – nor does it do anything but create greater frustration for YOU.  The Birthers, Teabaggers, and friends of Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly are already screaming how the “Black Agenda” consists of the President appointing Foxy Brown, Cleopatra Jones, Shaft, Superfly and Blackula to his Cabinet, and now, you want to add to the MESS.

You have tried to bully the President into kowtowing to you by appearing at your previous Negro Super Bowls.  How’s THAT working out for ya?

And then, you take advantage of your friendship with Tom Joyner and flat out lie about who’s showing up at your new Negro Super Bowl, which is a “Bash President Obama” rally dressed up like your old Annual States of the Black Union.  I see Rev. Al Sharpton put you on blast for that, but I don’t expect the rest of the usual suspects to follow him in calling you out, because they are high on their own self-aggrandizement.

Whenever anyone disagrees with you; if they’re men, you try to shame them.  If they’re women, you try to have them fired off their jobs.  You sure as hell don’t give them a platform from which to preach the truth, which you don’t like, because most of it is about you hawking another damned book, and saying it’s to help Black People.

Stop acting like a community leader that you play on TV, and be the self-promoting marketeer you really are.  Your attempt to pass yourself off as a “Black Leader” has worn off and just like the Emperor, you don’t have any clothes on.

President Obama doesn’t have a “Black” Agenda and never did, and he never will.  While people like Rev. Al Sharpton had the cajones to actually go to the White House and get in Mr. Obama’s grill about the issues of concern to them, you keep engaging in this subterfuge bullshyt  – trying to get others to fight the fights which are actually YOURS.

They saw you over at Afrocentric and actually called you out:

So basically this bitch is going to insult people then ask them to sit on his panel so he can mediate and control a discussion with these influential black people with so what opposing views that will turn out to be a verbal boxing match between black folks… on national television… in Chicago… during a pivotal election year.

C’mon son… I’m not falling for the banana in the tailpipe. Maybe that’s why he’s verbially challenging black folks who are the most gullible… church folks. 

Some church folk actually can read and comprehend for themselves.  All I see is you whining and still trying to get your way, even when THE MAN has told you to “Talk to the Hand.”

Dayum, brotha, you sure don’t GET IT.  You pissed away your opportunities when you tried to shame Obama into showing up at your last Negro Super Bowl and since his schedule didn’t permit, he offered to send his wife in his place, and you said “Hell to the Naw!”

But you gave Missy Hillary a platform from which to spew her venom, without challenge, and left her and her husband on stage long enough for them to show their collective asses where Black People were concerned; to the point, WE collectively revoked their “Honorary” Negro Cards.  The only ones we see keeping “Honorary” Negro Cards these days are Eminem and Robin Thicke.

WE ALL SAW THAT.  Your arrogance, hubris and flat out narcissism has landed you in the position that you find yourself in.

And teaming up with an alleged pedophile is supposed to regain your credibility?  GTHOH with that.

I see you and I wonder where can one find a drug that makes them so DELUSIONAL?

Well, one bitchslap deserves return fire.  And I’m returning it because I’m sick of your efforts and one-man campaign to shame this POTUS, when you sat on your ass and watched the destroying of this country by both Bill Clinton and George Bush, through all ten years of your State of the Black Union and SAID NOTHING.

Barack Obama needs to succeed or fail on his own merits.  He doesn’t need YOUR HELP, so stop trying and just STFU.


The Christian Progressive Liberal

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