Cruising the interwebs, I saw this headline on Newsweek:

“The Quiet Dignity of Rielle Hunter”

Baffled, I clicked the link. I waited for the punch line. There wasn’t one

No crying TV confession, no Playboy centerfold, no book deal. Not a word from Rielle Hunter in front of a camera since Edwards was still a plausible candidate for the presidency and Rielle was just another one-time staffer, appearing on Extra to talk about the video “Webisodes” she made of Edwards on the campaign trail. Indeed, most recently, she has been trying to keep herself out of the public eye, petitioning for and earning a restraining order that requires former aide Young to hand over photos and a videotape that belong to her.

But in her own time, Rielle stands out. It has been more than two years since she earned national notoriety when the National Enquirer first alleged that she was Edwards’s secret mistress. That’s more time than it took Donna Rice to sign up as a spokesmodel for No Excuses Jeans after being revealed as the secret companion of presidential candidate Gary Hart in 1987. Two years out from the world first learning her name, Monica Lewinksy had sat down for an interview with Walters, sold her story to British journalist Andrew Morton, and launched her own line of handbags.

Listen, I’m all for heralding the courageous, but…this is exactly what’s wrong with people: Getting credit for what they should do after doing something they shouldn’t do.

Newsweek, NEWSWEEK MAGAZINE, spent 1000-plus words on the “quiet dignity” of a woman who had the courage to

  • Be a married politician’s tip drill
  • Get knocked up by said married politician
  • Not put married politician on blast like the tip drills who came before her

Maybe I’m just old-fashioned, but in my day side chicks, jump-offs, tip drills and mistresses didn’t get credit for enduring criticism, especially if they knew they were the other woman. Salt being thrown came with the territory and was part of the cost of doing business.

My how things have changed.

Does Rielle Hunter get some sort of sash for this? Does Gabrielle Union crown her as tears stream down her face?


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