So you checked out Their Eyes Were Watching God from the library huh?

Well, you’re a socialist who hates America and everyone who loves freedom and the government still knows about it!

The House of Representatives reauthorized the Patriot Act for one year Thursday.

The vote was 315-97 .

Many liberals in the House opposed the controversial act, saying it tramps Constitutional protections and civil liberties.

Congress adopted the Patriot Act shortly after September 11th.

Many lawmakers wanted to rewrite or even kill some of the most controversial provisions in the act. But Congressional leaders didn’t have the appetite for a major battle with the economy and health care reform swinging in the balance.

Many of the renewed provisions involve wiretaps and eavesdropping measures.

The Senate ok’d  the package earlier this week. President Obama is expected to sign the bill into law.

Michelle Malkin is thrilled, though this bill still involves less detention of citizens than she would have hoped.

Noooot to be a Debbie Downer but…in the Bush years, people would’ve flipped about this.

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