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I gotta give it up for Tweety on this one. Just when you think the man is just hopeless (On Obama’s State of the Union speech quality: “I forgot he was black!”), he turns around and actually pushes hard on conservatives’ sudden contemporary use of the word “secession” and other words from the civil rights era such as “nullification” & “states’ rights” that were used to defend segregation. Sarah Palin recently visited Texas and made a reference to Gov. Rick Perry’s repeated implicit statements that Texas should leave the United States (since having a black president is more than anyone should have to bear).

Matthews even invoked Martin Luther King in a way that was totally appropriate and helpful. I watched this clip’s full discussion and was just floored. It’s worth a look. If I didn’t know betta, I’d think Matthews has been hanging out here on JJP…I’m a little late to this party but I gotta give a man his due.

Look Republicans — America’s demographics are changing. Trying to hearken back to racist rhetoric of yore is tiresome indeed and likely to be counter-productive in attracting younger people and independents to your party. It’s true that the majority of white people in the country did not vote for Barack Obama. Didn’t matter because just enough non-racist white people did vote for a brother plus most of the rest of us who ain’t white did too, such that: We now have an African-American president. If you want to buck this trend, I’d suggest you put the kibosh on the unpatriotic, civil-war-inviting bigotry.

Best of luck with that, Jill

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