hat tip-SouthernGirl2

From MSNBC.com:

Reuters: Haiti judge will free 10 Americans
Missionaries, who were accused of kidnapping, could be released Thursday

A Haitian judge has decided to release 10 U.S. missionaries accused of kidnapping 33 children and trying to spirit them out of the earthquake-stricken country, a judicial source told Reuters Wednesday.

However, NBC News reported that no final decision had been made, though it’s possible a decision could be made as early as Thursday. A lawyer representing one told The Associated Press he expects Judge Bernard Saint-Vil to issue his recommendation to the prosecutor Thursday.

The prosecutor has the right to appeal if the judge recommends that charges be dropped, but the judge has the final say.

as SG2 put it:
Pray tell? What if 10 black people were caught trying to cross the border illegally with 33 white children without the proper documents?!

They’d be UNDER the jail, with nobody even knowing their names.

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