What should The Prez say to Congress tonight?

More importantly, what should he say to the American people?

A brother has accomplished a lot in the last year. I think he needs to remind folks of that. But there’s still much more to be done and many more promises to be kept.

People ain’t got no jobs. Small businesses can’t get loans, even itty-bitty ones. Banks refuse to allow people to modify or refinance their homes, despite the president’s efforts. And too many either have no health insurance or little faith that what insurance they do have will actually cover any medical bills if they get sick or hurt.

My hope for Obama is that he will address the concerns of everyday Americans and chide Congress & Wall Street for their failure to make a real difference in ordinary people’s lives so far.

I’m curious: what do you think? Let’s talk about it ahead of the SOTU and let’s see if we can shift his game a little to the winning side.

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