President Obama addresses terror attempt, stresses unity in difficult times

Amidst partisan bickering following the failed Christmas Day terror attempt, President Obama took time to reassure the public that he is committed to the safety of the American people. President Obama stressed the need for a more coordinated effort between intelligence, law enforcement, and homeland security agencies and promised to continue working with the Yemeni government to fight al-Qaida forces.

However, the President also urged that recent events not be used to divide the country based on fear,

“Our adversaries are those who would attack our country, not our fellow Americans, not each other. Let us never forget what has always carried us through times of trial, including those attacks eight Septembers ago. Instead of giving in to fear and cynicism, let’s renew that timeless American spirit of resolve and confidence and optimism. Instead of succumbing to partisanship and division, let’s summon the unity that this moment demands. Let’s work together with a seriousness of purpose to do what must be done to keep our country safe.”

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