President Obama is not playing when it comes to Haiti. He’s already pledged 100-million dollars in relief money–much to the chagrin of the Teabaggers and people who weren’t going to like him no matter what–and now he’s asked former presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton to head up the humanitarian relief effort in Haiti.

The partnership is expected to be announced by the White House in the coming days, after officials have a better handle on the full scope of the devastation. Mr. Obama called Mr. Bush on Wednesday, aides to both men said, and Mr. Bush agreed to do whatever he could to help.

The partnership is similar to one that Mr. Clinton and former President George H.W. Bush formed five years ago after the tsunami in Thailand. The work for Haiti would mark the most public effort of the younger Mr. Bush since he left office a year ago. The range of their task would include raising money, officials said, and helping keep attention on Haiti through a long recovery process.

A heady move on President Obama’s part. Clinton is having to slip the multiple jabs coming his way over his alleged “coffee” comments and, knowing politics as he does, had no choice but to say yes.

But the real coup de grace is getting the support of George W. Bush. Whether or not he feels he needs a mulligan, he needs one. Moreover, those who oppose Obama on Haiti and anything he wants to do regardless of whether it is actually good or not will have to do so knowing they are also throwing salt on one of their own. They’ll either have to call him a turncoat or find some way to justify his thug, which can’t be done without acknowledging Obama’s hand in it, though I’m sure they’ll try their darnedest to find a way.

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