Interesting and thought-provoking monologue from Keith Olbermann on the recent Supreme Court decision for unlimited campaign finance options.

A brief quote:

In short, the first amendment — free speech for persons — which went into affect in 1791, applies to corporations, which were not recognized as the equivalents of persons until 1886. In short, there are now no checks on the ability of corporations or unions or other giant aggregations of power to decide our elections.

None. They can spend all the money they want. And if they can spend all the money they want — sooner, rather than later — they will implant the legislators of their choice in every office from President to head of the Visiting Nurse Service.

It really is an excellent read and a well-thought out, albeit ranty, doomsday scenario for the next 15 years.

So, what can we do?

First, we, as in those alive today and reading this opinion, need to recognize the opportunity of this situation. While I will no doubt argue that corporations are giant entities run by boards privy to their shareholders desires to increase profits, we also need to recognize that corporations are employers. They employ real people who consume products they make.

Cynicism aside, they can’t exist without us.

Second, we need to take greater efforts to step up our financial literacy. While it’s easy to dismiss the liberal philosophy as one who beats a loud drum, marches in the streets, and looks out for the little guy, it would be foolish to believe that money behind these efforts wouldn’t take you further.

Individually, there is nothing stopping you from learning about the stock market, how to invest, the time value of money, reducing your debt, and building your own business (either full-time or part-time). These efforts make you less vulnerable to the whims of the corporation you may work for and foster an independent spirit that will bleed over into learning about balance sheets, price to earnings ratios, and compensation schedules.

Third, we should never forget that those who hold the golden staff make the rules. Just as Olbermann and others can spend an inordinate amount of time prophesying how we’ll be Gattica in 15 years, it still makes the assumption that we, as a people, will DO NOTHING.

You can do something.

You can invest. You can attend shareholder meetings. You can network and continue to learn the principles of business ALONG WITH your altruistic intentions.

They say the world is only separated by six degrees. If that is true, there is no reason why you should sit back and consume the debt trap of the corporate masters only to be beholden to their threats to repossess that which you hold dear. You are connected to fiscal geniuses like Warren Buffet, Tyler Perry (you read that right), and Mike Bloomberg more than you realize.

Look at the history of the countries corporations and billionaires. Most were contrived in a country that presented opportunity in dire times. They took their craft, genius, and specific skillset to a well-thought out, consistent, and targeted business plan over a long invested time period.

Why can’t we? Why can’t you?

It may seem contradictory to encourage my brethren to carve out more time focusing on the power of financial independence and the dollar, but the truth remains that continually casting it off as a devilish tool of the Republican party is naive.

This judicial decision has changed the game and it would be obscenely irresponsible, both to your generation and the next, to point fingers saying ‘they did it’ in a country that was built on the idea that any closed door opens a window.

Are you an up and coming lawyer? Awesome. Partner with an up and coming accountant and set out a 10 year plan for financial independence.

Are you a teacher or PhD candidate? Even more awesome. Learn up on non-profit statutes and bond trading to make sure the community you want to serve has a fund or think-tank for their interests.

Are you a vigilante pundit or engineer? Supremely awesome. Keep spreading the message of this new world and chronicle your solutions and experiences pursuing a life on solid, investment-driven principles.

All of these things are NOT mutually exclusive!

Black Walstreet showed us the true entrepreneurial spirit inside of us. We all need to step up our tax law, financial planning, and compound interest game up.

If you don’t, you’ll be left behind and a new slave to the America Justice Roberts and his gang of 5 have put in front of us.

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