From Michelle Obama Watch:

Happy New Year From Michelle Obama Watch: BIG NEWS on 2010 Expansion into Television

This is Gina. Whooo Hooo! Goodbye 2009 hello 2010. If you read my other blog, 2010 is the year I have implored Black women everywhere to FIGHT FOR THEIR DREAMS. To roll up their sleeves and get to doing the hard work required to lean into their destinies. This applies to our readers of other persuasions as well :) So one of my dreams was a television show where we could hear some viewpoints other than those expressed by the EVIL Robin Givhan (Click here to read her latest Michelle Obama Hateration – “Disrespectful” my arse. I don’t care what Aminah says, I don’t like the woman at all. Hater)

Anywhoo, the folks who brought you Michelle Obama Watch, the blog. Are launching Michelle Obama Watch, the show. Although technically, the show is tentatively being called Our East Wing. After consulting with legal counsel, that would be moi, we ( that would be I) determined that it would be imprudent to name an TV show after the blog. I’m already busy enough jotting of scathingly sarcastic responses to the ignorant interns from US News and World Report to educate them about copyright, licensing and fair use.We could likely get away with it, but why borrow trouble? Plus if this thing takes off and replaces Oprah and Tyra ( BWAHAHAA!) in 2012. We don’t want to box ourselves in. And so without further adieu, here’s the trailer for Our East Wing:

CONGRATULATIONS to Michelle Obama Watch from this fan of the First Lady. I can’t wait!

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