I need to catch y’all up to date on Elon James White who put out a TWiB last week for MLK Day and another released just today. Woohoo!

In episode #4 below, @elonjames encourages us to remember Haiti and also backhands MSNBC’s ludicrous answer to CNN’s tragic & unneccesary Black in AmericaObama’s America, which aired for the first time last week. Special mention goes to Tom Joyner who was incredibly unhelpful and to Dr. Melissa Harris-Lacewell who did both light and dark-skinned Americans proud, as usual.

Take a looksee:

In hilarious episode #5, this week in blackness features an Elon who manages to out-orange Snooki from Jersey Shore. Elon ponders the All White Basketball League and wonders how many other “random white dudes” are asking the question: “You know what would make all of this more awesome? If there was 100% less minorities in it.” He also expresses deep concern over the Supreme Court’s decision to allow corporations to spend unlimited amounts in political campaigns. Giant wealthy powerful corporations = Free At Last! Ray J for President — brought to you by Microsoft, Pepsi & VH1!

If you’re in the Bay Area, Elon will be performing Thursday night with the “Siskel & Negro’s Just-Us League of America” and JJP’s Baratunde Thurston AKA Jack Turner in SF Sketchfest! I’ll be there; will you? Get tickets: http://ow.ly/104eF

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