BrownManThinkingHard just sent me this video, and everyone should watch/listen. In moments of crisis and fear, when the narrative is so quickly established by the mainstream, it is good to remain skeptical of what we hear. That’s part of the reason I’m reblogging texts from my doctor friend in Haiti–to offer an alternative on-the-ground perspective that balances noise from the TV set.

BrownManThinkingHard offers a much needed set of information and analysis on why things are happening in Haiti the way they are. It’s party history lesson, part socio-economic analysis, part media activism. And it’s all good.

Two choice quotes:

“Haiti was the original payday loan customer.”


“If we are saving people today so they can die in sweatshops for our corporations tomorrow, that is a travesty.”

Please support the efforts of this intelligent brotha. Check out his blog and drop some comments:

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