I tell you, if there’s any WAY for the Democrats to lose something they should win, dammit, if they don’t find ways to do just that.  Massachusetts now has a ReThug in the Senate seat that was held by Jack Kennedy for 8 years, and his lil’ brother, Ted, for another 47 years until his death.

Of course the media is spinning this as a blow to President Obama and the health care reform, and maybe, just MAYBE, Democrats will quit taking things for granted:

The loss by the once-favored Democrat Martha Coakley in the Democratic stronghold was a stunning embarrassment for the White House after Obama rushed to Boston on Sunday to try to save the foundering candidate. Her defeat on Tuesday signaled big political problems for the president’s party this fall when House, Senate and gubernatorial candidates are on the ballot nationwide.

Why, oh WHY does this smell like the Virginia Gubernatorial campaign?  I guess running ill-prepared Democratic candidates who think because they won a primary, that they can mail in the rest of their dang campaign. How quickly we forget Ned Lamont.  That fool went on vacation, and Joe Lieberman’s traitorous ass now continues to sit in the Senate and raise hell.  I wish he’d just go ahead and switch parties.

One thing I knew about Ted Kennedy: even though he won re-election easily for more than 40 years, he still stumped for his votes like he was running for office for the first time in his life.  He did NOT take his constituency base for granted.  From what I’ve read, Martha Coakley went on Christmas vacation, while Scott Brown took full advantage of her sleeping on the job. Now Coakley’s camp is trying to blame the White House for running a piss-poor campaign and the White House ain’t having none of it:

Even before the first results were announced, administration officials were privately accusing Coakley of a poorly run campaign and playing down the notion that Obama or a toxic political landscape had much to do with the outcome.

Coakley’s supporters, in turn, blamed that very environment, saying her lead dropped significantly after the Senate passed health care reform shortly before Christmas and after the Christmas Day attempted airliner bombing that Obama himself said showed a failure of his administration.

Of course, running away from Obama like Al Gore ran away from Bill Clinton back in 2000 had the same result.  A ReThug wins the campaign, and the Democrats are standing with their fingers in the air, wondering which way to go.  Then homegirl calls the POTUS to make a Hail Mary pass, after mailing in her campaign just before Christmas, and wants to blame the man for the fact that she wasn’t counter moving when Scott Brown was advancing his strategy.

Creigh Deeds did almost the same thing in Virginia and now, Bigtime Bob McConnell is the Commonwealth’s governor.  This upset gave our own poster, “D”, ideas about challenging Rep. Bobby Scott for his Congressional seat in Norfolk.

And then, Chris Dodd and Byron Dorgon are RETIRING.  That 60-seat Majority has gone back to 57 in a HURRY.

Fortunately, Brown has two years and then he has to run for a full six-year term. Unless the Democratic National Committee gets on the good foot and recruit, train and prepare a viable Democratic candidate to challenge Scott Brown, HE’LL be the one who can mail in his re-election campaign…and WIN.

I have to ask this question: DO THE DEMOCRATS EVEN WANT TO WIN?  They sure as hell don’t act like it….

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