This is Anil’s final email from Saturday, January 23, 2010. He sent it at 05:47 ET (am) and wrote it at the end of his sixth full day in Haiti. I’ve made minor spelling and grammar corrections and have tried my best to fill in missing words. I’ve added hyperlinks where I thought they might help.

Haiti: Child from the rubble returns #HaitiDrDispatch

Child from the rubble returns
(In this photo is 5 year old Monley Elize in the arms of Stanford ER nurse Gabriella “Gaby” McAdoo)

I’m reminded of the boy pulled from the rubble recently that is featured on CNN and LA Times [also Discovery]. Gaby helped this child, and he returned to visit her. He looked so dry initially, and it does feel good to see people turn around, especially those with so much left to see.

Anil S Menon

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Anil Menon, MD is a clinical instructor at Stanford School of Medicine focused on surgery and emergency medicine. His research interests are Aerospace Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and Wilderness Medicine. He graduated from Stanford Med in 2006, received a degree in mechanical engineering in 2003 and became a full ER doctor in 2009. He has practiced medicin in combat in Afghanistan and will be practicing aerospace medicine next year at NASA. Menon is a flight surgeon assigned to the 173rd Fighter Wing (F-15s) of the Oregon Air National Guard, and he’s part of a team sent to Haiti by Stanford.

This entire series is chronicled under the HaitiDrDispatch tag

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