For the first time, we have pictures! Anil sent the following images at approximately midnight, as in 12:05am ET/Haiti Time

These images are also available as a large slideshow on Flickr.

Rounding with Bob and Jen #HaitiDrDispatch

Rounding with Bob and Jen
As in Robert aka Bob Norris, chief of the Emergency Medicine Division at Stanford School of Medicine and Jen, one of the nurses also from Stanford


Visiting #HaitiDrDispatch

Looks like a little girl visiting a family member or friend.


Our ER on the left and OR on the right #HaitiDrDispatch

Our ER on the left and OR on the right


An ER trackboard #HaitiDrDispatch

An ER trackboard


That’s all for now.

Anil Menon, MD is a clinical instructor at Stanford School of Medicine focused on surgery and emergency medicine. His research interests are Aerospace Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and Wilderness Medicine. He graduated from Stanford Med in 2006, received a degree in mechanical engineering in 2003 and became a full ER doctor in 2009. He has practiced medicin in combat in Afghanistan and will be practicing aerospace medicine next year at NASA. Menon is a flight surgeon assigned to the 173rd Fighter Wing (F-15s) of the Oregon Air National Guard, and he’s part of a team sent to Haiti by Stanford.

This entire series is chronicled under the HaitiDrDispatch tag


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