On his radio show yesterday, Glenn Beck implied that he has a problem with the Obama Administration’s pledge of $100 million to Haitian aid. Beck believes that the military should be providing security only and allow private charitable organizations and NGOs to do the rest.

In short: Katrina 2.0

An entire city has been leveled and all Beck can think to do is criticize the Obama Administration, comparing it to a banana republic. $100 million is a drop in the U.S. total budget. This isn’t gonna break us.

An entire city in the poorest country in our region has been completely destroyed. This is a job for the military first in partnership as much as possible with NGOs & charities. The U.S. military is trained & equipped for this — it’s there for U.S. citizens in case we need it and also made available to allies and countries in need of humanitarian assistance. The system failed due to the incompetence of the Bush Administration but this is our best use of military resources. It’s why we changed the name from the Department of War to the Department of Defense.

No NGO could possibly provide the amount of resources needed in order to bring relief at such a scale with any hope of rapidity. And frankly I’m finding the whole — “the natives are getting restless and more security is needed” talk in the media in general quite racist. If this was France, would people be saying the same thing?

Glenn Beck — please. This is not the time for your hard-hearted ideology and ignorance of our armed forces’ training & capabilities. Your cynicism is not needed now, but your influence with your audience is. How about encouraging folks to stop hoarding gold for 1  minute and donate to the Red Cross or a charity of your choice? That would actually be helpful. Hold on the racism for just a couple of days, maybe?

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