My dear Brother President Barack Obama.

I salute your unprecedented historic victory.

Just a year ago, we were there celebrating on the mall. And here we are 12 months later.

And I must say that despite your brilliance, despite your charisma, I’m disappointed when it comes to the fundamental question, the question of priorities, the question of urgency.

How deep is your love for poor and working people?

We need democratic policies, not technocratic policies. Your economic team has little or no concern about poor and working people. Job creation is an afterthought. You say the recession is over, but 10.2% of our precious citizens are unemployed and many of those have given up working.

How deep is your love of poor and working people?

Dont be seduced … by the elites.

I applaud your brilliance I applaud your charisma. You changed the image of America, but dont be the friendly face of the american empire. Many lives hang on your courage and you can not doing alone.

Like abraham lincoln who needed the abolitionist movement like fdr needed the labor movement you need a progressive movement to push you and thats what we, I plan to do but you have to be receptive.

You are in a tough situation i understand that, but if you recall in the discussion we had 2 years ago, if you cannot keep alive the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr and Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel and Myles Horton and Dorothy Day and Cesar Chavez in the states and connected to the empowerment of those friends for known called the wretched of the earth, you will end up just another colorful care taker of an empire in decline and a culture in decay.

I believe like Martin King that democracy can be reinvigorated, can be revitalized, but it takes courage.

You can’t just cut deals. You have to take a stand. You have to have backbone.

So I wish you well. Continue … I will continue to put pressure, loving pressure, on you because, in the end, its not about you. Its not about me. Its not about any isolated set of individuals. Its about forces that will ensure poor and working people can live lives of decency and dignity.

Bless you my brother. You stay strong.

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