Along with the Salahis. I’m pretty confident some criminal charges such as trespassing or lying to a federal official could & should be found. Seriously, I really want to understand why all these people have not been thrown behind bars already. What they did was highly unsafe and illegal. If they had straight-up bum-rushed the White House and tried to climb over the front fence, they’d be subject to sniper fire, tackled & detained. Why are these people being treated differently — because they are well-connected and look great in evening attire?

It’s embarrassing that Allen’s a “brother”. (No brother of mine, that’s for sure). Still, honestly, it’s more embarrassing that a black-run White House could not do better, much MUCH better than this. I faced more security trying to get into DC’s local nightclubs when I was under 21 back in the day than these fools did bouncin’ into the White House for Obama’s 1st State Dinner.

Carlos — social climber, party planner, accomplished self-promoter, man about town & neighborhood nuisance — should have been quickly identified as not belonging at the State Dinner and shown the door. Damn — if it’s that easy, maybe everyone from JJP should just sashay on down to the White House for the next big dinner! Hey, we all worked hard to elect a brother. Don’t we deserve a hot meal? If all it takes is a smile and a tux or sari, well, dang, count me in. I mean, how many other people showed up who weren’t supposed to be dining with the Indian Prime Minister under the stars?

Obama team — get it together. Really – y’all can’t be this green & this gullible.

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