The paddles of Alpha Phi Alpha will be ice cold as the fraternity’s general president has called for a suspension of new member intake:

Citing flawed membership intake processes at chapters across the country, the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity incorporated has put a halt to new membership processes nationwide.

The ruling, announced to active members in a letter from the fraternity’s General President Herman “Skip” Mason Jr., comes nearly a month after a member of the student chapter at Fort Valley State University was charged with aggravated battery against a new member. Mason said the decision to halt intake was due to “the failure of some of our members to behave honorably and with care.”

“Following my review of 2009, it became clear to me that one area that needs our immediate focus is the conduct of brothers involved in the intake process,” Herman’s letter stated. “Our process was designed with the assumption that our members would conduct themselves honorably and with care. Regretfully, in several instances, that has not occurred.

“This means that all membership intake activities shall be and are hereby suspended until further notice.”

One man, 21-year-old Bryson Trumaine Amey, was charged with felony aggravated battery in an incident that Fort Valley police say occurred on the evening of Nov. 29. He was charged in connection with an incident that left 19-year-old Brian Tukes seriously injured and hospitalized more than a week.

Efforts to reach Tukes and Amey Monday morning were unsuccessful.

Who’da thought a little aggravated battery would get people all bent out of shape? What’s that? Pretty much everyone frowns upon aggravated battery? Oh. Well then.

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