Sometimes, posters here break it down better than anyone else.

“From a regular contributor”


I just watched the replay on C-Span (minus the vacuous commentary by the propagandists – liberal and conservative alike) and I’m reminded of an admission a straight white male writer wrote in a review of one of my performances in the Boston Globe circa 1995: he didn’t know whether or not he wanted to fuck me or kill me.

That’s exactly what I saw in all those white men in that room (and a few of the women). They are enamored of this man and it makes them weak. WEAK, I tell you.

Weak. That’s why they keep trying to say HE’S weak.

Projection of the highest order.

All of them came across as punks. Straight up punks. And when Obama was finally done slapping them into place, they looked like they wanted to suck his dick.

You see the way they look at him when it was all over? Eric Cantor may as well have turned around and bent over.

That’s the white man’s burden, right there. Why you think they had to castrate us when they tied us up to the fucking trees?

Because they’re insecure and weak as tissue paper, that’s why.

I don’t give a shit what he calls himself, the white man has NO IDEA how to handle an intelligent, wise, and yes, ARTICULATE Black man who PUTS HIM IN HIS PLACE.

Sorry for the explicit rant. Well. No I’m not. It needed to be said.

That’s all.

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