Tiger Woods texted me that headline.

And Tiger’s right. Despite the recent revelations about his extramarital shenanigans, I have to say, Lee Daniels is catching this week’s Come On Nigro Award.

If you haven’t heard, the Precious director, when asked what an Academy Award would mean to him, had this to say to New York magazine:

“It’s very scary, and I’m nervous”…In a bizarre way, though, Daniels says he’s already won. “Some guy came up to me at a screening that I was at recently and he told me that he, um, was sexually abusing his 14-year-old daughter,” said Daniels. “That’s what he told me. And he was crying. To me, that is the award. There is no award on this earth that can get a man to admit that. So to me, that is my award. My award is healing. You know what I mean? I want to be acknowledged or whatever, but I’m happy with people healing.”

Um…what, Lee?

I get that you feel the personal connection with the viewer has a lot of power, but someone telling you that they are abusing their 14-year-old daughter is not an award unless it’s the Roman Polanski Lifetime F*ckery Medal. Let’s not even talk about the fact that you find Oscar prospects scary and not a stranger admitting to you that they abuse their own kid.

And healing? Someone admitting abuse is only a healing/award if you help that person stop, which should include justice for the abused since this person admitted continually committing and illegal act.

If that conversation ended in you going to the local police precinct with this gentleman and starting that process, I can maybe then see the award factor.

Since you clearly are into yourself more than a little bit, I have to imagine you wouldn’t have let a responsible act like turning this man in and getting justice for his daughter slip your mind in an interview. So…I’m gonna go ahead and assume that just didn’t happen.

Your ego’s not supposed to be stroked by parents who admit abuse to you. Especially when you’re a parent yourself.

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