I don’t wish death or pain on anyone. Despite Limbaugh’s racist and hurtful comments, I wish him a speed recovery from the disease that has been affecting him his whole life; the disease of racism. Perhaps if Limbaugh  were to remove all that hate from his heart, he wouldn’t be suffering from these chest pains. Maybe one way to cure both Limbaugh’s chest pains and racism would be to give him the heart of an African American, like in the movie “Heart Condition” where Bob Hoskins, a racist cop, receives the heart of a Black man, Denzel Washington, and begins seeing his ghost, who helps cure him of his racism.

Perhaps Limbaugh overdosed on pain killers, as any self respecting doctor would realize  that a Black democratic President would give a right wing racist bigot like Limbaugh excruciating pain and prescribe him enough pain killers to calm an elephant. So please if there’s any African Americans out there willing to donate a heart to Limbaugh, we may be able to cure both his heart problems and his racism.

Top 10 Rush Limbaugh Racist Quotes | News One

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