I just had a chance to watch Oprah’s Christmas at the White House special (I dvr’d out because I was out at a holiday party Sun night). It was really good! I recommend it highly.

However, you know me. I’m never satisfied.

So here are some of the questions I wished Oprah had asked Barack and Michelle Obama:

  • Will there be collard greens or soul food of any kind during your Christmas dinner? Or are y’all just way past that now? Are those days over for you?
  • What is Bo aka DOTUS (Dog of the United States) getting for Christmas?
  • Do y’all wrap your own presents anymore or is there a whole team at the White House for that?
  • How many holiday cards are you sending? How many are you receiving from ordinary Americans – I’m willing to bet that might be a record this year!
  • Where will you be going to church on Christmas morning?
  • No one mentioned Kwanzaa at all during Oprah’s special. Not even once. Do you celebrate Kwanzaa? Is there a kinara around somewhere in the East Wing? Some black, red and green candles? Are you at least going to use those Kwanzaa stamps from the Post Office on some of your holiday cards like other black people? I really love those stamps. They’re so colorful. Here’s the 2009 version, btw.
  • Is there a Black Santa at the White House? That would be so cool.
  • Will the Temptations’ classic “Silent Night” or Johnny Mathis’ Christmas album be played at anytime inside the White House? Because I don’t know about the Obamas. But for me, it’s not really Xmas until I’ve heard both of those. I’m black like that. Wouldn’t it have been super-cool if the Temptations had actually sung “Silent Night” to the Obamas and Oprah during the special? Maybe next year.

Those were just a few of my questions. You got any? Below, here’s some regular black folks singing along to the Temptations “Silent Night”. We’ve all been there.

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