So, I will reply.

NO, I don’t agree with her working with Grover Norquist, or going on Fox News. I could never agree with that whatsoever.
I could not agree to work with Norquist or Fox under any circumstances, and Hamsher has crossed the line.

There is opposition that will never be welcome to sit at any table JJP wants to be at, and Norquist, Fox and Senator Hatch belong in that group.

I definitely don’t agree with the attack on Bernie Sanders, who has done a yoeman’s job in the Senate trying to fight the good fight for true healthcare reform.

Considering that I’ve been criticized by some for my differing healthcare stances, Jack has been taken the lead on the healthcare issues.

But, no, nobody here at JJP supports Hamsher in ANY type of alliance with Norquist or Fox News or attacking Sanders, and when the other JJP FP bloggers check in, I know they will post the same.

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