What’s fascinating to me about this Washington Times ad is not just the racist insult linking monkeys to Barack Obama’s citizenship. That really clarifies what’s eating at the birther movement. Not that he’s a non-citizen. But that he might not be fully human and that those who support him (or fail to expose the conspiracy permitting his presidency ) are nigger-loving monkeys themselves.

No, it’s the series of half-truths that the radical right is promulgating in propaganda as seen on Beck and Hannity intended to frighten ill-informed Americans. Salon breaks down all the many reasons this ad is rank. I won’t detail them here as I hate wasting mental energy on the birthers. Still, it’s critical that we continue to push back on the lies and conspiracy theories intended to undermine confidence in Barack Obama’s legitimacy as President. We’ve got freedom of speech in America so I don’t blame the Washington Times (a conservative tilting newspaper) for taking the benjamins and running it. I would hope that they would run a story beside it debunking the birther rumors as responsible civic-minded media.

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