I think this might be one of my favorite Jasiri X & Paradise the Arkitech of X-Clan productions. “President Obama” guest stars and Jasiri’s crew sample an actual quote from The Prez into the chorus. Obama has said re: black men, including himself: “We’re not just ballers and rappers.”

Warning — if you play this, it’s got enough steez that you’ll be singing back to yourself for days. Oh it’s catchy with a fresh hook. Black geeks like Barack Obama, NASA Administrator Charles F. Bolden Jr and Mark Dean who invented the PC at IBM — are the new black. Did you know Dr. Dean owns three of the original nine patents that all PCs are based upon and helped invent the color display for PCs? No you didn’t, did you? A brother got bank!

It’s a great video with an Obama-lookalike playing a little b-ball, rapping and checking his blackberry with Jasiri X. If only, right?

From Jasiri X’s lyrics.

no presidential pardon for the elements that charge us
with just being criminals because the television stars us
and cause you got fame don’t mean your relevant to march us
and since you not a leader than your negligence will harm us
and when we say a leader than our reference is a martyr
like nobody today can take a message from the father
impart it to our sons and give the lessons to our daughters
except LeBron, Lil wayne or President Obama
nada we gotta a lot of activists and scholars
organizing the hood for the good and not the dollars
holla every unsung hero I wanna honor
from the Burg to Bahamas consider this good karma
Imma give ya light cause of the fact they want to bury us
CNN don’t know bout being Black in America
and Fox News is like non stop fools
that’s why I drop jewels cause Real Hip-Hop Rules

We not-Not just Ballers or Rappers
Gun clappers or athlete that run faster
We not-Not just Ballers or Rappers
trappers or actors a brothers runnin NASA
We not-Not just Ballers or Rappers
we the masters of anything that u hand us
We not-Not just Ballers or Rappers
this is a new chapter that’s called the Hereafter

His new album called American History X just dropped on Dec 15. It’s on iTunes – download it if you like positive, smart, conscious hip-hop…

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