This is It — (paging Michael Jackson). Wonder Twins Power — Activate! Form of — a phone call.

From Organizing for America:

This is it — the House of Representatives will vote on health insurance reform tomorrow. All signs point to it being incredibly close, possibly even coming down to a single vote.

With the clock ticking, insurance company lobbyists are going all out to stop reform. Please call your rep now.

Today, President Obama is visiting the House to call for reform, and I hope you’ll add your voice to his. If you haven’t called before, now is the time. And if you have recently called, thank you — now please ask friends, family members, and co-workers in your district to join you.

Everything we’re fighting for comes down to moments like this — and every second counts.

Yes We Can, my people. Holler at your rep, asap. Especially if you live in the South. Peace out.

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