I just caught this clip while messin’ around on Hulu. Saturday Night Live pretends to portray a talk show on BET hosted by a dancing, singing clone of the Rev. Al Sharpton. One of the guests is actually for real — national saint Al Gore. In the clip, Gore tries to speak about the need for strong political will to address climate change — but is overwhelmed by the minstrel show.

The only thing missing from the BET you and I know are some booty-shaking video hos — hard to believe SNL skimped on that crucial addition you know BET would add to the debate. Because it’s not that African-Americans don’t care about climate change. The problem is that BET, like Bush, doesn’t care about black people or really anything else other than exploiting the very bottom of our culture in order to make an almighty dollar.

This segment actually made me LOL for realz. Kudos to SNL for some smart, political comedy with a sophisticated edge on race in America.

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