There are some places in the U.S. where voting can make a real difference this year. I know you’re all like, dayam, didn’t we just elect a black president? Can’t we take a break?

Hell naw. Cuz the people who didn’t want Obama in the first place ain’t lettin’ up. They want to embarrass a brother. Here’s Michael Steele encouraging those crazy ass Tea Party people to get out the vote today. If this doesn’t make you shudder and take off work a little early to go vote, well, I just don’t know…

If you live in Virginia or New Jersey, this is a big day. Your vote will make or break because, with fewer votes cast than in presidential years, your vote matters more than ever. Virginia turned blue in 2008 and cast a majority of votes for Obama. There’s a New South and African-Americans are part of that. Plus that guy Bob McDonnell is bad news fo sho. Creigh Deeds has been endorsed by Barack Obama — and it’s a close race. And, In NJ, Gov. Corzine could use some help.

Find out your polling place here so you know where to vote from the League of Women Voters. There’s an even simpler polling place locator over at

And Republicans are desperate to make this a referendum on healthcare reform and on Obama. There’s the real possibility of election monkey business. You know how they do — voting machines are broken, voter intimidation, misleading flyers and signs, etc.

If you see something go down, please, please report it! This is how we will protect our right to vote this time and next time. Call the Election Protection hotline at (866) OUR-VOTE or got to

And if you live in Virginia, here’s some important info from to help you protect your right to vote.

P.S. I know there are not many black folk in Maine. Maine is in fact 96.4% white and only 1% Black. (wow, srsly) But if you’re one of the few, please support marriage equality in your state. Cuz what we need in this world is more love, not more hate.

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