Harry Reid explains the Senate bill.

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Reid: ‘We’re Proud Of These Figures’
Rachel Slajda | November 18, 2009, 6:50PM

After meeting with the Democratic caucus to unveil the details of his merged Senate health care reform bill, Senate Majority Harry Reid held a press conference to announce the bill.

The bill “saves lives, saves money and protects Medicare, makes Medicare stronger,” Reid said, flanked by several Democratic senators, including Chris Dodd, Debbie Stabenow, Al Franken and Chuck Schumer.

“Ninety-eight percent of the American people, those that have Medicare will be included in that number, will have health insurance,” he said,

Earlier today, Reid’s office briefed reporters on the Congressional Budget Office’s analysis of the bill, which will require $849 billion over 10 years in new spending and will reduce the deficit by $127 billion. The CBO had a slightly different percentage of Americans who will be insured, saying the number would come in at 94 percent.

“We’re proud of these figures,” Reid said.

Now, we have 3 pivotal votes before it actually gets out of the Senate. Keep the eyes on Lincoln, Landrieu, and Nelson. See if they truly are big and bad enough to stand up on the floor and vote against bringing this to the floor for a vote. And, forced to do it, they should. Don’t let them hide in the shadows.

Chuck Schumer discusses the bill.

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