Looks like Sen. David “Diaperman” Vitter got confronted by a rape victim and pulled a Cindy Sheehan on his ass when she asked him why he voted against Senator Al Franken’s amendment to hold Contractors like Halliburton accountable when their male employees attack their female employees while on the payroll (h/t Heather, at Crooks and Liars):

Last month, Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) proposed an amendment to the 2010 Defense Appropriations bill that would withhold defense contracts if companies “restrict their employees from taking workplace sexual assault, battery and discrimination cases to court.” Although the amendment passed, 30 Republican senators voted against it.

Okaayyy. So there’s 30 Senators that believe if you or I get attacked by a fellow employee on the job, while we’re both on the payroll, I can go to court to get my attacker’s ass thrown in jail, but I can’t sue my company and hold them responsible or accountable, even after I told them this person was threatening or being menacing to me.

I’m not surprised – at the Federal Reserve Board, there’s currently a management official who still gets to collect a check, even though over the last 15 years, there were at least 20 women who tried to file sexual harassment complaints against him; some even screwed him to keep their jobs, and were quietly paid off and made to resign their positions at the Board.  And the Fed Reserve runs like a corporation who tries to hide behind “Federal” in it’s title when convenient.  But, I digress.  Here’s some of the exchange as recorded by Sam Stein of HuffPo (for once, they weren’t trying to be Drudge Lite):

WOMAN: It meant everything to me that I was able to put the person who attacked me [behind bars]. And what allowed me to do that was our judicial process. I showed up in court every day to make sure that happen.

VITTER: And I’m absolutely supportive of any case like that being prosecuted criminally to the full extent of the law.

WOMAN: But how can you support [a law] that tells a rape victim that she does not have the right to defend herself?

VITTER: Ma’am The language in question did not say that in any way shape or form.

WOMAN: But it is unconstitutional to have a law that says a woman does not have a right to defend herself.

VITTER: You realize Mr. Obama was against that amendment that his administration was against that amendment

WOMAN: But I’m not asking Obama. I’m asking you.

VITTER: Do you think he’s in favor in rape?

WOMAN: I’m asking you Senator. What if it was your daughter who was raped? Would you tell her to be quiet and take it? Would you tell your daughter to be silent?

Wow.  Vitter the Shytter couldn’t answer this woman.  And like the GOP, when they can’t pull an answer out of their ass, or make shyt up, they Blame Obama.  Remember, his ReThug Colleagues gave his ass a standing ovation when he returned to the Senate fresh off that DC Madam incident, where we learned that he liked wearing diapers when he was getting it on with DC Hookers, ya know.

I can’t believe this jackass would try to deflect his ignorance by bringing Obama into the conversation.  Wisely, the woman kept the focus on Vitter’s dumb ass.  He completely blew off anything this woman had to say, and she was sharing something intensely painful  and personal, and just like Sarah Palin blew off Joe Biden during the debates when he shared about his first wife and daughter, Vitter ignores what this woman had to say in favor of sticking to ReThug talking points.

Earth to Dipshyt – President Obama has no vote on amendments on the floor of the Senate.  This is a prime reason why anyone running for public office should be forced to demonstrate basic knowledge of the damned Constitution.  In fact, my friends on the Hill told me about, and I’ve seen the flyers when I’ve visted the Hill, promoting refresher courses on the Constitution for Congress Critters.  When I saw the posters, I got scared, because I thought a Congress Critter should already HAVE basic knowledge of the Constitution.  YIKES!  But they can at least go take a course and get rudimentary knowledge of what they’re going to be hollering about on the floor of Congress.

The GOP – the party of Perverts, Obstructionists, Bigots, Birthers, Teabaggers and now, outright RAPISTS.  I’m calling this like I see it.  I have yet to see the ReThugs come up with any alternative that would benefit the working poor and make their rich friends contribute their share.  This woman bravely confronted Vitter about his vote and he couldn’t answer her.

We need to take a page from her book.  When anyone comes on this board and calls us “liberal”, we need to ask them what do they mean.

When they protest againt the health care public option – we need to ask them why they should continue to enjoy access to health care when their constituents can’t get it?

When they protest on raising taxes on the richest 1% of this country who can afford to pay, ask them why are they protesting?

As Town said in the comments section, a Real American seems to be :

Real Americans(tm) are WHITE, Christian and straight.

Barack Obama is not a Real American(tm).

Michelle Obama is not a Real American(tm).

Gays are not Real Americans(tm).

Hispanics are not Real Americans(tm).

Black people, whether they came over 400 years ago or 10 years ago are not Real Americans(tm).

Asians are not Real Americans(tm).

Libruls from up North are not Real Americans(tm).

If you drink Starbucks and have a college degree, you are not a Real American(tm).

Nobody commenting on this blog except Karmi, Kevin and the rest of the trolls are Real Americans(tm).

That is all.

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