This apology is for putting up footage of a Sarah Palin 2008 Political Rally and pretending that this was a book tour crowd.

So, they took footage from a 2008 political rally[ which means it happened between August & November 2008] for a story in November 2009. Now, I’ve never been in the media business, but I will just ‘assume’ that a tv studio doesn’t keep footage from over a YEAR just lying around. Maybe I believe that a supposed news outlet that puts out footage on a 24 hour/day, 365 days/year basis would need to um, STORE their old footage somewhere. Meaning that this just didn’t ‘ happen’. You don’t ‘happen’ upon old footage from a YEAR AGO. You LOOK for footage from a year ago, because you want to CREATE the story that this woman’s book, and her are more popular than they actually are, because you are devoting time and money to having anchors follow this woman around and are interviewing her on basically every program you have.

Now, why does Fox and OUTRIGHT FRAUD in stories sound so familiar?

Oh yes…because a MONTH has NOT passed from when Jon Stewart busted Sean Hannity for pulling THE EXACT SAME FRAUD.

and yet, there was no ‘ review’ at Fox News to put into place guidelines ensuring that this NEVER HAPPENED AGAIN?

I said, at the time, that Hannity only half-assed apologized immediately because he didn’t want anyone looking too deep into his past stories to see what other FRAUD he had committed.

Stewart busting Hannity.

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Hannity’s half-assed apology.

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