hat tip-Michelle Obama Watch

For those of you who were thinking about buying the $150 Michelle Obama Doll from the Danbury Mint, think twice about it. Seems like there is some false advertising going on.

From Black Doll Collecting:

Friday, October 30, 2009
The Excitement Has Fizzled…
…actually it fizzled a couple of days ago upon hearing disappointing reviews for Danbury Mint’s Michelle Obama Inaugural Doll. My doll arrived today. While her appearance is not as dreadful as I had imagined, I am not happy enough with her or with the quality of her cheesecloth-like dress to keep her. Before returning the doll, I took several photographs. A side-by-side image of Danbury Mint’s ad image with that of the actual doll is offered for comparison.


This doesn’t look much better than those Michelle Obama dolls that were being advertised a few weeks ago; only they weren’t going to cost $150.

Click on link above to see more pictures of the actual doll and the review from a Doll Collector’s perspective.

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