Hey y’all – do you remember when Barack Obama was first elected? How happy you were? Wasn’t it like almost better than the best orgasm ever, of all time — but an even higher vibration than that — kinda spiritually satisfying and whatnot? Peaceful-like? Like the best surprise birthday party and Christmas present for everybody in the whole world?

Wasn’t it like riding a caramel-colored unicorn down a sparkling rainbow stretched across a giant blue sky high on HOPE and CHANGE screaming Woooo HOOOO Bitchez WOOOO!!! Didn’t you just want to hug that caramel unicorn tight and give it a huge carrot comprised of your love, joy and tears?

Yeah OK, let’s admit it. We’re somewhat past that phase now. Hope and Change have taken a beating in the actual play-by-play of governing. But it’s nice to remember, ain’t it? The day Barack Obama was elected will always be one of the best days of my life. Bet it’s up there for you too in terms of life moments.

Here’s Barack Obama’s special message to all of us re: one year ago and above, check out Michael Franti’s catchy reggae-pop infused Obama Song that, for me, captures that ebullient moment so well. Sing it with me: “Barack Obama!”

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