When the Sidepiece Steps Out of Their Place

…you have the Steve Phillips situation (H/T, Rikyrah in the Open Thread Comments and Sandra Ray).

Back in 1987, there was a movie called “Fatal Attraction” starring Glenn Close as the whacked out sidepiece, and Michael Douglas as the fool who thought he’d get some on the side while his wife and kid were visiting her parents for the weekend.

I remember watching that picture with some friends of mine, and at the end of the picture, the men were vowing NEVER to cheat on their significant others because Glenn Close cutting the fool was too close to home for them and how would they know they were getting a jumpoff that didn’t KNOW HER PLACE?  Why mess up a good thing for a few minutes of illicit pleasure?

Fast forward some 20 years later to ESPN Analyst Steve Phillips, who obviously can’t keep it in his pants and prefers young sidepieces that don’t know the score:

Marni Phillips called police Aug. 19 when she came home to find Hundley standing in her driveway.

Hundley had tacked a letter to the Phillips’ front door just before Marni Phillips drove up. When she saw Phillips, Hundley put her car in reverse, smashing into a stone column and then driving across the front lawn to escape.

Okay, Stop. Right. There.  The jumpoff came to homeboy’s HOUSE?  And Mrs. Phillips didn’t break out a can of whip-ass?  And she didn’t stop there:

Police say Phillips’ mistress Brooke Hundley began calling Phillips’ wife on Aug. 5, taunting her with text messages describing his birthmarks. Hundley also messaged the couple’s 16-year-old son on Facebook, posing as another teen to get information about his family life. (emphasis mine)

Y’all know what a sista of color would have done, so I won’t bother to repeat it here. And especially if the sidepiece starts involving their lover’s children.  I’d pimp-slapped this heifer while on the phone dialing 911 for them to come and get me for assault and battery.

We KNOW Mrs. Phillips is going to get FAT PAID with her impending divorce.  After all, it’s not like it’s the first time Steve got caught – he had to settle a sexual harrassment case back  in 1998, and Marni Phillips didn’t leave then.

There are many lines of thought as to whether or not to stay or go when a sidepiece becomes involved (for both men and women).  So, I don’t want to go on a discussion as to whether or not the party who got cheated on should stay or go in the relationship.

I want to know what y’all would do if your spouse has a sidepiece that steps out of their place, and show up on your door? I actually had an aunt whose husband had not ONE; not TWO, but THREE sidepieces, and one of them used to call our house on the regular to cuss out my parents because my uncle was dragging his feet in leaving his wife.  My father told his brother-in-law he’d have to bust a cap in his ass if he couldn’t control his jumpoff. (In case you ask, yes my father tried to take up for his sister and got cussed out by his sister and told to mind his own business)

I always thought my father should have gone ahead and busted that cap, but after 20 years’ of dealing with sidepieces, his sister cracked and put that bullet in her husband’s ass…and got off because her husband said he was cleaning his gun and it went off.

So, what say you, JJP readers?  The men can weigh in, too – because I want to hear your side.  If your woman has a sidepiece, and he steps out of line, what would you do?

And as a sad reminder, Steve McNair is no longer among the living because his sidepiece couldn’t handle being a SIDEPIECE.

This is one of those “SMH” moments….discuss, DISCUSS, DISCUSS…..

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