She couldn’t handle mothering a special needs baby who happened to be of African descent.  What happens if she can’t handle the biological children she already has?  Will she give them back, too?

The Field Negro has an interesting post up about interracial adoption and when the white parent gets in too far over her head.  Field called it “giving the child back to the wild…”

I’m pissed off because I’m getting mighty tired of people engaging in interracial adoptions because Madonna has a Malawi child slung over her arm like a friggin’ accessory.  Apparently, the woman in Field’s story had problems “bonding” with her child and decided little “D” had to be returned:

“What happens when a parent and an adopted child don’t bond? In blogger Anita Tedaldi’s case, she and her husband gave their South American-born toddler son to another family. She related her story to the New York Times’ Motherlode blog back in August and repeated it Oct. 1 on NBC’s ‘Today’ show:”I loved him, and I cared deeply for him,” Tedaldi told Matt Lauer Thursday in New York. “I tried to do the same exact thing I did with my biological children, but over time, it became clear that our family maybe wasn’t a good match for him, that we were unable to meet some of his needs.” SOURCE: MSNBC.com

Her adopted son, who is only referred to as D., had been found abandoned by the side of a road in South America. He was thought to be somewhere around 1 years old at the time. His legs were underdeveloped, and his head was flat in the back from being left in a crib unattended. Tedaldi and her husband, who is in the military, already had five natural daughters of their own and wanted to welcome an adopted child into their home. She says their decision to adopt was done after a lot of careful research, and that they were thrilled when they found out D. was available. However, once they had D., a host of physical, developmental and emotional problems plagued their relationship with him over the next 18 months. On top of that, parents and child failed to bond with each other.


The commenters at Field’s blog range mostly on the outrage.  In fact, one had a good point about the message abandoning D sends to this heifer’s biological kids, as in, “Suppose the biological children look at Mommy giving back their brother and wondering if she will do the same shyt to them?”

I guess we’re supposed to give this bitch a free pass and comfort her with saying “Well, she tried.”

I call Bullshyt.  You don’t quit your kids, no matter how much you might want to.

And let us not forget when Susan Smith and Andrea Yates decided to “quit their kids”.  One’s in jail and the other’s in the loony bin in Houston.  So somebody tell me if those heifers “bonded” with their children or NOT?

The best take on interracial adoptions came from a poster named Brohamas:

in regards to us white folks adopting black babies, I say it all depends on the mindset of the white people.

By this I mean that many white parents looking to adopt are truly good and well meaning people, but that isnt enough for transracial families. Most white people think the ideal is to be colorblind and intend to “do the right thing” by ignoring the child’s skin color.
This is a horrible thing. Race should be recognized, appreciated, and any child not matching the predominant complexion should be properly prepared to deal with the realities of that child’s world. Ignoring a child’s race is not proper preparation.
Most white people do not understand this. It is not racism, it is not lack of love, it is simple ignorance and lack of knowledge of another’s reality other than their own.

This is not to say white people are incapable. I know many who “get it” and do just fine with black kids. They are sadly the exception.

I’m a little under the weather today, but thought I’d check in and get the thoughts of JJPers.  Our own Monie is repping very well:

What the hell is up with everyone feeling they need to go on TV to tell all of their personal business!?

If I was to find myself in the position of needing to give an adopted baby back I’d be too damned ashamed of my failure to tell the world about it. (emphasis mine)

‘Nuff said.  And OT, Field has given Sheila Johnson the “House Negro of the Day” award for her supporting GOP thug Bob McDonnell over Creigh Deeds in the Virginia Governor’s race.  She actually highlighted being in the “House” by specifically referencing Deeds’ speech impediment and damned near mocking it.

Oh, Sheila – you’re trying so hard to fit in with those bougeosie crackers in Fauquier County but they won’t let you forget you’re a nigger with money.  Maybe if you had gotten busy adopting baby “D” from South America and giving him a good home, you wouldn’t have time to bother trying to get it where you DON’T fit IN.

Have at it, JJP family.  Discuss…Discuss…DISCUSS.

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