Trailer for ‘Good Hair’

Chris Rock’s movie/documentary ‘ Good Hair’ opens today. I admit, I’m going to see it. I’m curious. I’m not hopeful, but I am curious.

All Black women have a ‘hair journey’.

From Afro Puffs, to weekly appointments for years, straightening comb, perm, and all sorts of new ‘ styles’ and products that have come out for ‘Black Hair’ over the years, we all have our story.

I’m a natural woman now; have been going on 5 years. I will not front, those first nine months were a killer, but now, I love it. I never have to fear the ‘ elements’. I haven’t said ‘ I can’t so ‘X’, because of what it would do to my hair’, in quite awhile.

I go back and forth on the subject of this movie. On the one hand,I’m of the belief that we need to discuss things. On the other hand, I’m not in the ‘let’s educate the larger community’ camp; I have issues with grown folks choosing to be so ignorant.

But, let’s discuss.

Leave In The Kinks

New Black Barbies spark hair-raising debate……Many girls, moms love them, but some ask: Why do they all have long hair?

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