I’m writing from the National Minority AIDS Council’s U.S. Conference on AIDS. Breaking news from my day job: my team at Fission Strategy just helped the United Nation AIDS Commission launch a new social network called http://www.aidsspace.org AIDSspace is all about creating an online community for sharing knowledge and accessing services for the millions of people living with HIV and for those who are there responding to the pandemic.

Cuz there’s been some real progress. But let’s get real — it’s still real bad, especially for African-Americans and on the African continent. Which is why I am asking for your help. There’s going to be a lot of super-helpful stuff onthis site (in addition to what’s there now) which will give people the ability to share best practices, resources, policies and treatments that work faster than ever before. And you and I know we gonna have to hurry our hustle if we want to stop the spread of AIDS & help those who have it.

So please sign up if you have HIV/AIDS. And if you are working in the field or you know someone anywhere in the world who needs to be here – please share AIDSspace.org with them asap. This can save lives.

This is one of the professional projects I am personally the most proud of, to date. It’s still in beta so shoot me an email or leave feedback in the comments.

Thanks for letting me share it with my JJP community, y’all.

Here’s Annemarie Hou of @UNAIDS making the big announcement.

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