Jasiri has a new video and this one is a very funny (yet poignant) love letter to Debra Lee, CEO of BET. This goes out not only to her but to all of you who watched BET’s Hip Hop Awards on Tues night (and made it a trending topic on Twitter – ugh). Or who ever watches BET. Could BET ever be a positive force for good for black people? Or is booty-shaking the only way?

Here’s some of the lyrics:

you had religion you was quick to tell em you was christian
but now you hang with gangstas so much you’ve been imprisoned
but you convinced yourself that that’s how we living
but life is so much more than champagne sippin
listen what this isn’t is a black male’s hate
give me one chance I promise it won’t be a hell’s date
we can go to college hill or 106 and park
make love from the sun up till when it get’s dark
I’ll sooth you no matter what level the stress
you are a righteous black queen not a hot ghetto mess
and yes I believe that you’ll switch one day
but now you’re so exposed that I wanna rip the runway
and I know they say that you should shake what ya mama gave you
but you are a reflection of how ya mama raised you
and you get what you give so don’t let karma enslave you
I’m willin to campaign like Obama to change you for real


this is not a comic view
see I wanna honor you and give you an award
but the ones that sponsor you I wanna give em the sword
they not fond of you they just wanna get you on board
and then they lie to you that’s just like pimpin a whore
see they don’t care what you mean to me or the community
how we can teach the seeds or promote unity
they just want coonery, more and more buffoonery
so they can watch those videos like shake that booty

Also, Jasiri wants you to know that no ducks were harmed in this episode.

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