so what will Senator Ben ‘Punk Ass Bitch’ Nelson do, with his Blue Dog cowardly self.

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The Nebraska Democratic Party put the state’s senior senator, Ben Nelson, in an awkward spot on Saturday by passing a resolution making support for a government-run insurance option a central aspect of its platform.

In a nearly unanimous vote at a committee meeting in Fort Omaha Metro Community College, about 70 attendees approved language that urges members of Congress “to vote for such health care reform proposals that contain a robust public option at all stages of the legislative process including conference and reconciliation, and encourage legislators to pass such reform.”


“[The provision] is popular with the Democrats in the state because we believe without it the bill could too easily become a welfare program for the insurance industry,” said [party chair Vic] Covalt. The argument supporters made was that without the public plan, “basically we end up subsidizing insurance companies and hurting taxpayers who don’t have coverage.”

Remember this about Nelson:

Nelson remains one of the highest-profiled U.S. Senate Democratic holdouts on the public plan, even recently declining to commit to voting against a Republican filibuster of legislation that included the provision.

get that? this punk won’t even promise to vote for cloture so that we can get the bill to the floor for a straight up and down vote.

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