I’ve heard a krazy rumor that President Obama sometimes plays a little b-ball. Have you heard that? Glad to see Obama and company playing some stronger offense on healthcare whether it’s hitting harder at insurance companies or saying to those who mis-represent Obama’s positions, “We Will Call You Out.”

Here’s a guy who ahem, didn’t make it onto the Root 100 list for some strange reason talkin’ out the side of his neck on healthcare. The vid below pokes at Steele’s “death panel” tales and the debunked claim that reform will mean 119 million Americans will get dumped from coverage.

“Michael Steele is willing to lie and play political games in order to kill reform that would help Americans of every political party — so we’re calling him out…”

Knock knock who’s there? It’s Michael Steele With more lies on Healthcare…I sure hope they are paying that brother big time because I really don’t know how he can stand it.

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