URGENT: House 12-15 Short on Medicare +5% Public Option
by: Chris Bowers
Thu Oct 22, 2009 at 21:19

I am receiving new information tonight that the House DOES NOT have 218 “solid’ yes votes for health care reform with a Medicare +5% public option. Representative John Larson’s claim earlier today that the House had the votes appear to have included at least 12, and as many as 15, Representatives who are “lean yes” votes.

Further, I am told that if the leadership does not confirm 218 “solid” yes votes by the end of the 9:30 a.m. Democratic caucus meeting tomorrow morning, they will probably include the negotiated rate public option in the bill that is sent to the floor, not the Medicare +5% public option. At the very latest, we have until 2 p.m. to get the votes.

We need another 12-15 solid votes. Based on information combined from multiple sources, here is the best chart I could put together on short notice:

Medicare +5% Target Chart

It is sorted into “lean yes,” “undecided” and “lean no.” I have also included the leadership

If you member of Congress is on the list, call and leave a message tonight. We have to get through before 9:30 a.m., if possible.

If your member of Congress is not on the list, but you are represented by a Democrat, call your member of Congress and urge them to support the Medicare +5% option at the caucus meeting tomorrow morning.

If you are represented by a Republican, call either a member of the Democratic leadership or a Representative on the list who is from your state.

Call and leave a message. The campaign could really go either way depending on what happens in the next 14-18 hours.


Medicare +5% Public Option Target Chart

Lean Yes
Member District Phone number (DC) District phone 1
Ron Klein FL-22 202-225-3026 561-544-6910
Stephen Lynch MA-09 202-225-8273 617-428-2000
Dennis Moore KS-03 202-225-2865 913-621-0832
NC-2 202-225-4531 910-814-0335
Dina Titus NV-3 202-225-3252 702-387-4941
John Boccieri OH-16 202-225-3876 330-489-4414
Steve Driehaus OH-1 202-225-2216 513-684-2723
Charles Wilson OH-06 202-225-5705 740-633-5705
Christopher Carney PA-10 202-225-3731 570-585-9988
John Sprat SC-05 202-225-5501 803-327-1114
Ruben Hinojosa TX-15 202-225-2531 956-682-5545
Solomon Ortiz TX-27 202-225-7742 956-541-1242

Member District Phone number (DC) District phone 1
Marion Berry AR-1 (202)225-4076 (501)843-3043
Gabrielle Giffords AZ-8 202-225-2542 520-459-3115
Dennis Cardoza CA-18 202-225-6131 209-383-4455
Allen Boyd FL-02 202-225-5235 850-561-3979
Melissa Bean IL-8 202-225-3711 847-517-2927
Joe Donnelly IN-2 202-225-3915 574-288-2780
Brad Ellsworth IN-8 202-225-4636 812-465-6484
Baron Hill IN-9 202-225-5315 812-336-3000
Mike McIntyre NC-7 202-225-2731 910-323-0260
Curt Schraeder OR-05 202-225-5711 503-588-9100
Jason Altmire PA-04 202-225-2565 724-378-0928
Lincoln Davis TN-04 202-225-6831 931-490-8699
Bart Gordon TN-02 202-225-4231 615-896-1986
Glenn Nye VA-2 202-225-4215 757-326-6201
Zachary Space OH-18 202-225-6265 330-364-4300

Lean No, But Might Be Reachable
Member District Phone number (DC) District phone 1
Artur Davis AL-07 202-225-2665 205-254-1960
Harry Mitchell AZ-05 202-225-2190 480-946-2411
Jim Costa CA-20 202-225-3341 661-869-1620
Ike Skelton MO-04 202-225-2876 816-228-4242
Heath Shuler NC-11 202-225-6401 828-252-1651
Earl Pomeroy ND-AL 202-225-2611 701-224-0355
Tim Holden PA-17 202-225-5546 717-234-5904
John Tanner TN-08 202-225-4714 731-423-4848
Rick Boucher VA-9 202-225-3861 276-628-1145

Member District Phone number (DC) District phone 1
Steny Hoyer MD-05 202-225-4131 301-474-0119
Chris Van Hollen MD-08 202-225-5341 301-424-3501
Jim Clyburn SC-06 202-225-3315 803-799-1100
John Larson CT-01 202-225-2265 860-278-8888
Henry Waxman CA-30 202-225-3976 323-651-1040
Chuck Rangel NY-15 202-225-4365 212-663-3900

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